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Born may 12, 1974 in a small Russian town, Povorino, near Voronezh. From the childhood was fond of painting, parents are encouraged and fully developed this interest, which over the years has only grown stronger. He lived for several years in the Primorskii territory, where he met and became fond of Japanese painting. Its concise, clean lines, monochrome, prostota combination with artistic perfection shook me. Studied Japanese painters, parallel read a lot about this distinctive country, its arts, philosophy, traditions. The topic is so captivated me that he decided to create paintings in Japanese style, while working in his special technique - paintings created on the glass, often in several glasses than the effect of the amount and kind of depth. Currently live and work in Moscow. During this period he created more than 100 works, which are mostly spread in the private collections

the size:45 x 25

the size:30 x 40

the size:45 x 75
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